Facelift in Valencia, CA

Facelift Before and After Pictures Valencia, CA

Description: This patient is a 65-year old female who underwent a full (dual-plane, high-SMAS) facelift.

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a term that describes a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the face and neck that have been damaged by the aging process. Some people are bothered by the visible effects of aging on their body, particularly in the face and neck area. Some of these effects include the appearance of double chins or jowls, displaced fat in the face, loose or excess skin, creases that run from the corner of the mouth to the side of the nose, and a general loss of muscle tone. The appearance of these signs of aging can affect a person’s self-esteem and vitality. Valencia Plastic Surgery offers facelift procedures to residents of Valencia, CA, and other surrounding cities.

Facelift procedure

Your experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Howard Hu, will decide on the best method to carry out your facelift surgery based on the outcome of a thorough review of your medical and physical condition. He will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of your face and neck in order to identify your own unique facial characteristics and requirements. Residents of Valencia, CA, and other neighboring cities can contact Valencia Plastic Surgery in order to learn more about the facelift process.

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