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SmartSkin™ in Santa Clarita, CA

Dr. Hu serves patients desiring SmartSkin™ laser skin resurfacing at Valencia Plastic Surgery in Valencia, Santa Clarita, and surrounding areas of California.

What Is SmartSkin™ in Santa Clarita?

SmartSkin™ in Santa Clarita, CA

SmartSkin™ is a state-of-the-art skin resurfacing system that treats your skin without affecting surrounding tissue. It reduces wrinkles, treats brown spots, improves skin irregularities, builds collagen, smoothes acne scars, treats under-eye circles, removes crow’s feet, lifts saggy bags, and more. The latest advancement in skin resurfacing, SmartSkin™ can improve your look in just a fraction of the time other treatments take. With just one or two treatments, you can enjoy a youthful and beautiful face.

How Is SmartSkin™ Performed in Santa Clarita?

Dr. Hu performs the SmartSkin™ procedure by applying a laser to the treatment area. This laser will send tiny pulses of laser energy to your skin, creating very tiny holes. As the skin heals, newer and younger-looking skin is revealed and collagen production is stimulated. A topical anesthetic will be applied and most patients report a “prickling” feeling. The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes, and with proper skin care, the results can last for years to come.

How Much Does SmartSkin™ Cost in Santa Clarita?

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