Neck Lift in Santa Clarita, CA

Don’t let loose and sagging skin on your neck affect your self-esteem and confidence. The residents of Valencia, Santa Clarita, and the surrounding areas of California can reverse this with neck lift surgery performed by Dr. Hu at Valencia Plastic Surgery.

What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift procedure, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, improves the appearance of the neck by reducing the signs of aging in this area. It can include removal of excess fat or skin in the neck, under the chin, or on the lower face. Neck lift surgery is sometimes performed at the same time as a facelift to provide a more even appearance. It is an outpatient procedure that requires local or intravenous anesthesia.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Neck lift patients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced signs of aging in the neck and jowls
  • Increased confidence
  • Healthier, firmer, and younger-looking skin

Neck Lift Before and After Photos

Click here to view our neck lift before and after photos. Individual results do vary based upon the amount of tightening needed.

How Is a Neck Lift Performed in Santa Clarita?

A neck lift procedure begins with anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Next, Dr. Hu will make one or more of the following incisions to access fat, muscle, or other tissues:

  • A long incision beginning in the hairline and around the ear
  • Underneath the chin
  • Behind the ears only

Dr. Hu may perform your neck lift with the use of an endoscope, which is a thin tube with a tiny camera on the end. This camera displays internal tissues on a computer monitor and aids Dr. Hu in sculpting your neck. Endoscopic procedures require fewer incisions and less downtime; however, they are not always possible. Dr. Hu will discuss the possibility of an endoscopic procedure with you during your consultation.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Santa Clarita?

Valencia Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. We work with reputable and user-friendly healthcare financing companies that can make plastic surgery more affordable.

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Why Choose Dr. Howard Hu for a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a complicated procedure that is never performed the same way twice. Dr. Hu has the experience and skill needed to ensure your neck lift is tailored to your exact needs. His artistic abilities make him the ideal choice to perform procedures such as a neck lift, as it requires an eye for detail.

Additional Face Procedures:

If you’re bothered by drooping, sagging skin or a “turkey wattle,” a neck lift can make you look and feel younger again. Patients near Valencia or Santa Clarita, California can contact Dr. Howard Hu of Valencia Plastic Surgery at 661-222-1122 to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Howard Hu