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Reshape the ears for a boost in self-confidence with otoplasty in Santa Clarita

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a safe, popular procedure for reshaping ears that protrude, are too large, or are misshapen in some way. These imperfections may cause the patient to feel embarrassment or dissatisfaction with their appearance. For young children, having large ears can be a source of teasing or even bullying, while for adults, patients may feel self-conscious in dating or work situations.

Dr. Howard Hu in Valencia, Santa Clarita is highly experienced with this delicate, detailed procedure, and is also known for setting his clients instantly at ease, no matter how anxious they may be. He is a kind and compassionate resource for younger patients who may feel apprehensive about undergoing surgery for the first time.

During otoplasty, Dr. Hu will excise excess fat, tissue and cartilage from the ears, pinning them back for a more attractive aesthetic. The new ear shape is maintained with permanent sutures. Sometimes, a portion of the conchal “bowl” of the ear will also need to be removed in order to reduce the amount of protrusion of the ear. Otoplasty is typically performed in around 2-3 hours under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Advantages of Ear Surgery Include…

  • Corrects protruding, cupped, large, or “cauliflower” ears
  • Can correct ear deformities and ear injuries
  • Can improve ear symmetry
  • Safe and effective for children as young as 5
  • Boosts self-confidence in one’s image
  • Can help to reduce unwanted teasing or bullying
  • Can be well combined with other facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty and chin augmentation for more comprehensive results

Who is a Good Candidate for Ear Surgery in Valencia?

Dr. Hu recommends that clients…

  • Are in good health, both physiologically and psychologically
  • Suffer from no major medical issues
  • Are non-smokers, or are willing to quit prior to surgery
  • Are at least 5 years of age, with ears fully formed
  • Have realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection, based on their confidential consultation with Dr. Hu in Valencia, Santa Clarita

What Can I Expect From Recovery?

Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Hu will apply a soft dressing that should remain in place for several days to ensure the ears maintain their new improved shape.

You will be required to sleep on your back to avoid damaging the ears as they heal. Dr. Hu will provide you with pain medications to keep you perfectly comfortable during the recovery process.

What’s My Next Step?

If you are in the Valencia, Santa Clarita area and would like to know more about how ear surgery can help reduce teasing, bullying and embarrassment over the appearance of the ears, please contact Dr. Hu today to initiate your confidential consultation.

During this session, the doctor will perform a physical examination of your ears, will review your medical and surgical records, and then will begin to formulate a customized plan of action for resolving your aesthetic concerns.

You will be provided with access to our library of before and after photographs for otoplasty, so you can get the most realistic impression possible of what to expect.

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We are now open and have resumed services in the office. The safety of both our staff and patients remains our number one priority and with this in mind we have put in new measures to provide the highest level of protection possible to keep our patients and staff healthy and safe.

New Enhancements

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  • Surgical patients will be required to receive a pre-operative COVID test prior to their surgery date.